woodworking tools

For interior and exterior wood repair and manufacture - MultiWood Putty does it all!


MultiWood is a unique wood putty that is solvent based and has almost no shrinkage which makes the transition from the actual wood and our putty seamless.

Most wood fillers are not flexible the way wood is and are more prone to cracking or pop out of the wood. Our wood putty should stand slightly proud of the wood and sanding will create a solid wood that is smooth to the touch. By applying pressure to the wood putty it is forced into the capillarys of the wood where it attaches itself with a pressure sensitive adhesive.


MultiWood putty can be used to fill nail holes, screw holes, all cracks in wood and a can be formed into shapes to mimic existing wood. Once hard and sealed, it can last as long as natural wood in the outdoors exposed to all weather conditions. It can be used with all woods and is a necessity for any carpenter, Diy enthusiast and hobbyist.